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Brand StoryThe best ginseng makes the best red ginseng.


Since 1895, when Korean red ginseng was first exported, Jinandang has been researching
and developing health foods and beauty products using ginseng, red ginseng,
and natural herbs given by nature through the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors.

The green mountains, clean water, and fresh air are Jinan's pride and a gift from God.
Just as good ingredients make good quality products, good ginseng makes good red ginseng.
Jinan Red Ginseng continues its 400-year history and the wisdom of our ancestors,
making continuous efforts to produce premium quality healthy food.

Centenarian era! Everyone hopes for a healthy life.
We hope for the health of 100-year-old people, but Jinandang promises to
endeavor to research valuable health food for everyones hope to live for 100 years.

In the future, Jinandang will grow into a global health food company by expanding beyond the Asian
market through enhancing its competitiveness in the health food, industry including red ginseng.